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Why Eventspace is a good fit?

With Eventspace no client is just another sales number

With over 15 years in the events industry we have worked in many event sectors from publishing conferences to event shows and exhibitions. We realise that some software can be both hard to use and over complex in functionality. With our Eventspace platform we have done exactly the opposite, delivering a new user friendly lightweight system removing all of those hard to use and unnecessary areas of functionality.

That said, should you require bespoke components tailored to your exact needs, then these can normally be accommodated.

At eBounc we understand the importance of the visual impact of any website, and with that in mind we place a strong emphasis on delivering a visually stunning looking website.

We work closely with each client to design a website portraying the exact representation of their corporate image and event branding in a modern, visually attractive way—nothing short of what any business or event deserves.

Platform Features Overview

Software as a Service (SaaS)

This means that you do not install any software and all the website changes are handled via a web browser keeping costs at a level affordable to all.

Event Registration

With our event registration platform, taking onsite and offsite payments has never been easier also our event ticket checking in software with QR reader makes easy management of check-ins onsite from any device.

Daily Reports

Reporting and graphs for attendee information and sales data + daily data dashboard overview.


Schedule automatically, drag your speakers in from a drop down and set any time & dates you wish.

Earlybird & Stage Discounts

Offering multiple staging discounts and the ability to limit the number of tickets that an attendee can purchase in a given session offers you complete control of your ticket sales process.


Use our system across multiple device platforms. A responsive web approach requires less time and money allowing savings in your budget over native apps. It is this all in one development process that allows your website to be viewed across a multitude of platforms including PC’s, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Devices.

Multiple payment methods

Not only do our earlybird rates cover multiple staging discounts but you can also limit the number of tickets that an attendee can purchase in a given session thus giving you complete control with the selling process of tickets.

Direct Mail

Send newsletters to all attendees at any time using batch messaging.

Eventspace Overview

Content Creation

  • Create news articles using the easy-to-use built-in editor
  • Add new Speakers
  • Add new Event Sponsors
  • Add new items to the event schedule
  • Feature-rich page builder for creating custom pages
  • Customisable email templates

Company Members

  • Simple step-by-step registration process
  • Company profiles, fully customisable by us
  • Modify booking attendees
  • Automated emails for invoices, registrations, payment reminders
  • Printable tickets to take to the event
  • Printable tickets contain a QR code that can be scanned at the event with attendee information


With Eventspace adminstration of your eventsite couldn’t be easier with intuative content editing blocks and training tours. Find below a teaser of just some of the easy to use admin features Eventspace has to offer.

  • Create multiple different booking tickets
  • Full control over the ticket price, quantity and dates
  • Create earlybird ticket rates by setting different dates/prices
  • Email alerts when new companies register for the event
  • Reporting and graphs for attendee information and sales data
  • Manage all sales transactions
  • Multiple payment methods; bank, cheque, card, invoice, etc
  • Send newsletters to all attendees at any time using batch messaging

And many more features or custom features built to your specification…


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